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Bespoke 3D life casting,

fine silver jewellery and personalised artwork

Little Monkeys Castings



Our jewellery is created using Precious Metal Clay, a unique material which is made by combining pure silver particles with a clay like organic binder. After a piece of jewellery is created it is then fired, where the organic binder burns away, leaving 99.9% pure silver. sterling silver is 92.5%.  

All of our jewellery is commissioned artwork, custom crafted and finished by hand. Surface variations are to be expected and add to the natural beauty and individuality of these unique keepsakes.





Bespoke Fingerprint Jewellery:

Bracelet Charm (Extra small)                                       £35.00

Pendant                                             £45.00 (small)    £55.00 (medium)        £65.00  (large)

Keyring                                                                       £65.00

Cufflinks                                                                     £85.00


Pandora style charm carrier                                        £18.00

Sterling silver fine necklace                                         £25.00



Capture a precious moment in time with a unique item of jewellery

hand-crafted in fine silver.

From tiny fingerprints to those first drawings and doodles. Even a leaf from a cherished wedding bouquet can be used  to form a beautiful piece of jewellery.

Bespoke Fine Silver Jewellery

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